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Post  *~MoE~* on December 25th 2009, 7:27 am

[Note: I am feeling randomly creative and I thought I'd throw this out at you guys -was wondering if either of you would be interested in doing this one with me. I didn't put it under the short stories section because I'm hoping it'll be longer and better than a short story. I'm open to any sort of relationship going on in this story, too -puppy love, NC-17 steamy sex, gayness, straight couples, etc.... Anyway, just let me know if you like the idea~! I'd love to do this with one of you two ^_^]

The Legend:

If you surf along the Milky Way
With a little tune to play,
The Stardancers shall happily meet with you
Out in the abysmal, dark black hue.
They will teach you to dance amongst the sky
And in the streams of stars to lie.
But if in your new friend you do not trust
Throw him inside a box -he'll turn to dust!

Basic plot line [more details can be edited in after I have a partner -we can decide on details later]: A girl (or boy) plays her ocarina (or *insert any other instrument here*) as she floats across the Heavens, making beautiful music as time passes her by. Her melody stirs one of the stars to life, and a boy (or sexless being/girl) emerged from the light, his features lovely. His voice is as lovely as her song, and he teaches her to dance amongst the stars as he does -with no artificial air supplies or gravity to hold her down.

Other details: Note that, in the legend it states that "if in your new friend you do not trust, throw him inside a box -he'll turn to dust!". This means that the Stardancers are creatures of light -are almost practically light themselves- and must recharge from time to time -keep then in the dark for too long and they will turn to Stardust (which is worth a pretty penny on the black market).

[Like I said, there can be more changes made to everything, and lots of details added~! ^_^]

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